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There's a sovereign ache in the leg of the beast that grins in the mirror of the state police where truths are a dime and deaths are a dozen as currency rings on the fingers of the wealthy. Pangs wither our mettle, goad base natures, and divide our common sense for the commoner.
:iconhusk-hunger:husk-hunger 1 0
Animosity and Friends
You sew starlight patterns in my eyes to scratch the itch
of forlorn places that gleam.
Release the silent trigger, spilling the entrails while I writhe, rip sutures of all that we may be
yet still bound to breathe, our hands shake off burrs
Redeeming in time the smallest smile binds our seams
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Sinusoidal vibes
It is lonely on this wavelength.
I pass on fumes for pipes and fluff in navels, dusted off and rebuffed.
Will you join me for a little while, and let the ripples pass through us?
We could dance to and fro, one two three,
and slide beneath one another for the time being.
:iconhusk-hunger:husk-hunger 2 0
Between My Ears
This is your companion's silent yearning. You let my sounds between your ears to lick wounds you love most with reckless abandon. Headphones scream. Your tastes run bittersweet in 4am memories of when you used to moonlight.
Our ilk gnaws on plane rides. Part and parcel, passengers at play, we want our cake and still eat in the bathrooms, the mirrors tuck our tails out of the way.
Noses fond of the rush, scent has won again.
Sutures know no bounds as pale imitations of teeth peek between fibers that mask the pulsing mass.
Slightly surprised. I enjoyed our day as passengers trying to pass for humans.
You drum me into the plastic with your fingers tapped, milk for monsters of a certain shade. I suck on the silence of daybreak, itching for night’s travails.
:iconhusk-hunger:husk-hunger 0 0
Fingernails left behind
I loved you there.
Glass shards strewn in dank stone walls.
We gathered words to build a fortress
for the human heart, for hope.
For people who are breathing, machines
that play their parts,
we were life support for prisons
from the start.
I lunge.
Kinetic particles fuse.
Hopscotch, shock absorbers extend.
Buffer my memories and what it means to be,
to be loved I am the light breaker.
Orange sparks fly.
Radios rasp my arrival.
We were trained to shred vocal chords
Lest screaming alarm us from within.
They used to be me.
I was one of them, a drone.
I want to be where you are
My screen shows me the ways
Charred rubber convulses languid
With wire sparks delayed
As they scream I cling to the right panel screen.
My visor reminds me of you
we're nothing but filthy.
I have forgotten the ways to be.
Vestiges, second disruptions falter,
The fire is free
I loose my cannons on three
And destroy what has become of me
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Husk by husk-hunger Husk :iconhusk-hunger:husk-hunger 0 0
Liminal Embrace
Let me drown you in my liminal embrace.
So like the sea upon the shore,
my lips might ever kiss your face.
And as nettled thickets grow as one beside the twisted brambles,
our bodies entwined left love lines in shambles
:iconhusk-hunger:husk-hunger 1 0
The one with the thirst and the one with the hunger--
There’s no love, there’s no light when you’re under.
Fade to black and our souls rot to twine within,
tug the line through my teeth much to my chagrin.
Bereft of breath in the heat of the waning night
You hold my hand with a grin in the sterling fight,
I grasp at straws to speak the phlegm locked behind my truth
Still, you soothe as I lap up your tongues’ grace,
I bear your fangs and the lace of your chuff embrace.
:iconhusk-hunger:husk-hunger 0 0
A Letter to Myself
Death is the refuge much like writing in the soft sketchy shadows on paper. The interplay of light and dark and gradient textures which we too move through and within and among each other shift like our murky pasts.
How could we have been anything other than the encircling and folding, our careful paper creases like an origami figure fitted and interlocking though we cannot see it.
Sensation. Thought tither while my hairs quiver on the back of my palms, a certain shaking, always flowing never mistaken—make no mistake the same moves within me as you. We’re like draft mates, wind saints, the breeze bridging us all. You just have to let your blood feel again. Not just tepid quips or jostled, shaking, scathed wrists, no no, but that lustrous movement, that flourish of spirit and pearly, toothy grins. I remember you, sir, you’re still here, still with me. I have never left, I am still the same man. Things have just changed now. I am not alone.
I am not alone…
Here in
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Digital aberration
What are you doing, Skippy? With the kch-kch-kch s-s-(k)et(ch) and rhthym, you funk with my flow.
Drawing in the squeaky emanations along the edges of my aural assaults, are you reaching out? Why do you break like concussive borders of oceans booming along my static electricity? Whence do you come if not the groanings of the machine that never loved you, never took the time to know you as the most intimately bound soundscapes that grace our ears?
Weeping chimes of glass chandeliers never glistened like the tears that roll down your digital cheeks as I bide your wire-frame outbursts soaking in the salt and brine of your electric echoes.
It's OK: even robots need love.
:iconhusk-hunger:husk-hunger 1 0
Reality Shifter
There is a comfort in the daily black and white script on the screen and the comforting, blinking, cursor that chatters hello and opens its door to infinite conversations with strangers in back alleys, driveways, freeways, causeways, and sideways. It breaks the rules between what is and isn’t possible; it is the door to escape, the EXIT sign, the chanteuse in a dimly lit bar; the waves collapsing on waves of hairs standing on edge until released in a final gasp as an airplane crashes into the Pacific Ocean. It is all these things and more for me. It is my dotted line between worlds—-my work life, and the next, where ever my senses take me. Like an extension of the best part of me, my conduit of faculties culminates in synaesthetic cascades of sensation.
:iconhusk-hunger:husk-hunger 0 0
My Morning Snapshot
Digital embers cast an orange glow almost iridic in the shadowy gloom until sunlight breaks to metronomic tones. The final grey webs of my grid dream desires dissolve in quick jerks as my joints twitch to consciousness.
A slat of lumber presses my limbs nice and neat so I might rise to meet the day though sometimes I'd rather my meat rise to greet the kinks in my tail. But groggily the lumber becomes me as I lumber to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
Crooked teeth grin back from a plaque stained mirror as if to mock any semblance of attraction with a waxy glaze and blinking gaze while I choke on my toothbrush. Every morning.
Still somehow eternity glistens wet on my shower curtain illuminating my dragonfly love with beating wings, pumping flesh, and pulsing leaves in a throbbing affirmation of life.
Cherubic Fox placidly smiles while seconds fumble into aeons of mechanical motions and ambling limbs as slow hands spread tallow and aloe in a confluence of particles and chemicals. An unhol
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Werewolf Time by husk-hunger Werewolf Time :iconhusk-hunger:husk-hunger 1 0
Dream 2
ksshaw-like squeaks with a bell-chime sweep of the door greet my nostrils to scents of sizzling grease, grits, and the clank of silverware at the Antique Boutique: Sundries, Souls, and Food--an odd fusion of antique store and diner.
Gingerly closing the door, the silver bell lingered above the chatter of everyday folk entranced in the latest apparel, family, or fortune, while a broad voice from behind the counter called out, "What will you be having, son?" The burly, tawny chef kept his eyes on some egg frittata.
No sooner shutting out the world with relaxed shoulders than the swoosh of a cleaver nicked my left ear notching heavily into the door frame with a dull 'kthuck' that deadened the room in uncomfortable silence.
Surprised by my own stoic calm and now slightly nipped ear beginning to bleed, I gawked at the menagerie of store shelf items.
But where worn lamps, dusty knick-knacks, and eroded vinyl record players witnessed the vagaries of time, instead my own indulgences of every e
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The Resonance
Chain links clinked like wind chimes in the breeze as I looked out the window in a heady day dream. Professor Nolan had just finished listening to a response on Writing the Language of Anglo-Saxon Violence: Stylus, Skin, and Manuscripts when she spied the last remaining wisps of my daylight reverie out of the corner of her eye.
“Mr. Landry, all semester you have either interrupted class discussion with deliberately puerile questions that are barely tangential to our themes or you have persisted in somehow finding Beowulf amidst the frosted window panes and oak trees in the courtyard.”
“Now unless you have some argument as to how your own respiration is an extended metaphor for an epic poem, I suggest you seriously consider how you spend our class time sessions as they will appear on your final exams …unlike your breath on the windows.”
Ever since the first class, Nolan and I clashed. Although my essays were replete with sources, and deftly synthesized mult
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In the shadows
I was just a boy in the shadows, but the shadows were in me long before I had met them on that fateful night. Squeaky floor boards in the bedraggled manor we’d holed up in with the cobwebs and dust that looked like some cheesy B-movie horror flick were child’s play though thinking back now they didn’t play so well upon my child-like consciousness and wonder.
All throughout our stay I’d fancied the house was simply haunted. In our game of hide-and-seek, I was the seeker after a count of 27 and though I’d tried so hard to hazard guesses as to which of the many manor rooms my companions could have stolen in within the span of seconds, I found myself at times frozen upon thresholds as I’d sought to shut one door or open another. Like an invisible hand, a gaping maw, or otherworldly current held me affixed in time or rooted between worlds, I’d feel a tugging sensation in the depths of my spine upon trying to close a door to enter a hallway. Or other
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Does Somebody Need a Hug? by LadyYonder Does Somebody Need a Hug? :iconladyyonder:LadyYonder 187 86
Let Sleeping Dogs Die
Heartbeat constricted
So much to take.
To start, to stop.
To never look away.
Lost in moments
But not in a dream.
Burnt to the ground
Split at the seam.
Too tired to sleep,
and too cold to try.
Let the world drift away
and let sleeping dogs die.
:iconxxparanoirxx:XxParanoirxX 1 0
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm Husk. Themes I like involve werewolves, gradients of perception, consciousness, and qualia.
  • Listening to: Bohren
my sight is connected, it's like my frame is restored at certain times and I recall all the passages of times where I dreamed in halo lights, felt laughter down my spine and movement was effortless.

I struggle online of late, I feel the weight of being watched, it never bothered me before, but I think as I have been lonely and literally have no friends I care perchance too much of the minds of others I have never met and don't really know.

i miss writing, the tactile sense of my thoughts on paper, digital works just don't feel or importantly translate the same as my thoughts linger in the former and are....linear here on the screen. It feels more concrete here. But in paper I can do anything. 

Fuck this headache....I've needed to release this for a bit and haven't been able to, hence my persistence of only for a little while.

i need to scale back contributions to my family, I sense I am spending too much on their general sustenance that I may not be able to meet my aspirations to travel north.

proprioception is gaining further coordination, involuntary, natural movements are becoming more fluid


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